Be Smart. Make Sense of your IoT Data

SenteticSense is a fresh approach to industrial assets maintenance using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We Predict where, when, and why asset failures are likely to occur.

Maximize asset productivity, improve product or component quality and increase operational performance

Seamless integration with your softwares and devices

Thanks to the plugin architecture of SenteticSense, we can pull together data from various systems and infrastructure, analyze them, and push the results to control operation centers, enhancing the data of our customers


How SenteticSense Works

learn, predict, notify

a scalable Event HUB to collect data

SenteticSense can extracts data directly from your database or enterprise asset management system. SenteticSense works with any equipment-connected sensors and requires only a few to activate machine learning.

A Machine Learning predictive engine

SenteticSense use existing historical data to identify unseen anomalies, predict future faults, classify assets based on operational behavior, rank individual assets performance in homogeneous groups, provide maintenance, scheduling tasks based on priority classes, optimize periodical maintenance activities.

A RESTful API for data integration

SenteticSense extract non trivial correlation between operating condition and assets behaviors. Our predictive engine analyzes and builds a forecasting model of operating condition, compares real time data to the predicted condition and notifies OSS if there is an anomaly condition.

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